MeNEW digital menu is the best alternative for your café's and restaurant's paper menus!

Your restaurant's menu can also look as beautiful as this. Like the best brands that have trusted us.
منوی دیجیتال تعدادی از رستوران‌های مجهز به مِ‌نیومنوی دیجیتال تعدادی از رستوران‌های مجهز به مِ‌نیومنوی دیجیتال تعدادی از رستوران‌های مجهز به مِ‌نیومنوی دیجیتال تعدادی از رستوران‌های مجهز به مِ‌نیومنوی دیجیتال تعدادی از رستوران‌های مجهز به مِ‌نیومنوی دیجیتال تعدادی از رستوران‌های مجهز به مِ‌نیومنوی دیجیتال تعدادی از رستوران‌های مجهز به مِ‌نیو
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Personal Digital menu

A place for food to shine

The customer's access to the menu is really simple. Scan a QR Code or type a link on your cellphone!
  • Saving time and resources
  • Reducing menu printing costs
  • Eco-friendly
  • An always up to date menu
  • Sharable

PDF-Menu is not a digital menu

PDF-Menu cons
  • It has a very low legibility rate in cellphones
  • Applying changes is impossible
  • It does not possess a data gathering facility
  • It is not smart and interactional

A Website or an Application is not a digital menu

Website or application's cons

  • A rather high prime cost
  • Applying menu changes are more difficult
  • Has a high risk and cost maintenance
  • Feature development usually halts in it

Smart-Table is not a digital menu

Smart-Table's cons

  • It has a very expensive initiation cost
  • It affects the restaurant's decoration
  • It does not possess a data gathering and personalization facility
  • It is not suitable for many restaurant's styles

You have full control of your menu through the management panel

MeNEW panel is a web application that you can log in through a web browser on your computer and even with your phone.
پنل مدیریتی منوی دیجیتال مِ‌نیو در دسکتاپ و موبایل

change food prices on your menu even with your cellphone with a few clicks.

Some of MeNEW's digital menu's features

  • Sold Out

  • Bold

  • Order Note and the Call Button

  • Introduction Page

  • Options

  • Smart display of new foods

برخی از امکانات منوی دیجیتال مِ‌نیو درتلفن همراه
برخی از امکانات منوی دیجیتال مِ‌نیو درتلفن همراه
برخی از امکانات منوی دیجیتال مِ‌نیو درتلفن همراه
برخی از امکانات منوی دیجیتال مِ‌نیو درتلفن همراه
برخی از امکانات منوی دیجیتال مِ‌نیو درتلفن همراه
برخی از امکانات منوی دیجیتال مِ‌نیو درتلفن همراه

Why is MeNEW your best choice?

Strong and systematic substructure

using the strongest servers and technologies in order to achieve the highest security level, stability, function, and speed.

The best ones trust us

MeNEW has shaped successful collaboration experiences with the best and strictest brands for over two years now.

Continuous product update

the professional and great MeNEW team are continuously enhancing the products and presenting new and appealing facilities based on your needs.

User interface and User experience

New features will be added to menew only if they are elegant and their user experience is verified after a lot of experiments.

We are Available 24/7

Pricing and Packages

12 Months6 Months


Have all the practical features with proper service$ 199


Appear powerful. Your brand belongs here!$ 299


If you know yourself with the highest positions$ 399

Be equipped withMeNEW's digital menuin two days

تجهیز دو روزه‌ی رستوران به منوی دیجیتال مِ‌نیو

1. Declare your chosen package

2. Receive the related bill and pay the cost

3. Send us a picture of your menu and logo

4. Your menu's link and the panel are perfectly ready.

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MeNEW digital menu helped us get closer to what we have always been chasing and that is giving the guests a great feeling of respect.
MeNEW helps the guest choose by displaying pictures and food explanation.
- Mrs.Mirabzade
the quality and precision that exists in MeNEW's rendering of service have caused us to collect all the paper menus and use MeNEW instead, and we received great feedback.
MeNEW gave us the confidence to get out from the paper world and enter the digital world quickly.
- Mr.Sadeghian
it is MeNEW's digital menu that helps us create a great experience for our guests during COVID-19 times.
because hosting the guest using a paper menu does not have a great image in the guest's mind these days.
- Mr.Jarian
I fully use MeNEW in my restaurant in Oman. Although there are a lot of other digital menus from different countries, I think MeNEW is the best one.
Also, as I know their team personally, I believe that they are the best and they will continue being the best and succeed.
- Mr.Hafez Safaei
MeNEW is a digital menu that has facilitated food choice depending on customer's demand and taste, and has an aesthetic and practical graphic frame and User Interface.
We have been able to omit physical menus completely with MeNEW's help.
- Mr.Vahid Dadras
it is very easy for us and our customers to work with MeNEW, and it usually has all the answers to the questions our customers might have.
In my point of view, the best definition for MeNEW is their response time and their customer service team's reaction.
- Mrs.Afrasiabi
during this time, their customer service was so good and they had so much creativity that I was persuaded to continue. They have always performed beyond the customers' expectations and this is great! If one can give customers services beyond their expectations, they will definitely succeed.- Mr.Minaeian
  • Connection

  • Cooperation

  • Available

  • Experience

  • Expansion

  • Successful

Watch customers' comments in this videomenew-ico-play

Repetitive Questions

  • A

    Do I also need paper menus while using MeNEW?

    No, if you have a good internet connection in your area, considering the experimental statistics and MeNEW's solid substructure, you can leave the paper menus in peace

  • Q

    Do I have to pay any extra price at the time of the contract?

    No, all the updates and customer services are done for free, and you do not have to pay any price except for the subscription fee.

  • Q

    How can I change the food prices on the menu?

    We just have to confirm your access to the panel, you log in to the panel, and then you can change whatever you intend to (food names, descriptions, price, and etc.) and the changes would be applied instantly.

  • Q

    Where can I use the QR Code?

    Receiving the QR Code, you can present it on QR code cards, and print it on take-out packages, business cards, mats, and etc.

  • Q

    Is the only accessibility to my restaurant's menu by scanning the QR code?

    Your menu turns into a URL and you can use it in different ways such as sharing it on your Instagram bio, direct massage, WhatsApp, or typing the URL in a web browser.

If you want to purchase it or you have any questions, contact us through the below form.

We will contact you in less than 24 hours.

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